What is Students Who Serve (SWS)?

SWS is a ministry program designed for 12-16 year olds. It makes space for you to serve in the church, beginning on a rotating roster to experience every area you can possibly serve. You will start by serving on the Kids, Hospitality, Creative & Production, Carpark , Host teams. Once you’ve experienced each area, you can then choose which area you want to stay in, and fine tune your skills. We want to empower young people to grow in the purpose that Christ has for them and live out His mission!

Each team has different jobs particular to them, so while you’re serving we are going to be skilling you in each area. Some places you can serve are: kitchen server, cash register operator, barista, car park host, usher, assistant leader in kids church, stage manager, camera operator, sound & lighting trainee and media trainee. We have plenty of different serving opportunities across the entire church!

And the best part is there is no cost for SWS. The only thing you need to get is a journal.

We want to develop and teach you to be a leader. But we’re not going to let you do it on your own, we will continually encourage and support you through bible studies and casual gatherings.

SWS will take place at each of our Sunday service and Friday nights. Sometimes there will be other events you can serve at too, like Christmas Spectacular, Team Night and Women’s Events, but we will keep you updated

In SWS we will have some expectations of you. For instance, you must always be well presented wearing your SWS t-shirt and lanyard, always confirm upcoming roster requests, and always arrive 1 hour early for every service you’re rostered on for.

SWS is about growth in your skills and in your relationship with God, so we expect that you diffuse gossip rumors and conflict, stay positive even when things go bad, commit to regular prayer, bible study, evangelism, personal worship and accountability, and most importantly have fun, engage and learn.


Come speak with one of our friendly SWS co-ordinators to get started.

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